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  Press Registration Policies and Procedures

Media credentials, which must be requested by August 9, 2016, are required for all media covering the 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament.

The International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation and Aqua Skiers Inc. welcome members of the press to write about the 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament and will provide an onsite newsroom for use by registered members of the press. Below you will find a complete listing of the eligibility requirements, guidelines and policies for members of the press who wish to attend the 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament.
Please read all policies and guidelines prior to registering. The Aqua Skiers Inc. have the right to inspect the credentials of anyone registering in the newsroom and reserves the right to refuse to register any individual as press.

Press registration for the 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament is now open!
Please read the policies and procedures on this page carefully before registering.

Who can register for Press Credentials?

Press passes are issued to individuals representing a recognized news organization, including freelancers who contribute to such organizations. To obtain a press badge, both photo identification (such as a driver's license or passport) and identification certifying that you are a working member of the print, broadcast or online media are required. Such identification includes press credentials, or a business card and samples of your work. All freelancers must present a letter of assignment.

NOTE: No more than 4 press badges will be issued per organization.

Blogger Eligibility:
Bloggers will receive press credentials on a case-by-case basis. Include a copy of photo identification (such as a driver's license or passport) and a copy of press identification (such as press credentials or a business card) or a statement about your blog's intended audience and history.

The Aqua Skiers do not issue press badges to: publishers or a publications' advertising, marketing, public relations, sales, circulation, or any other non-editorial function representatives; industry/exhibitor press officers and their public relations consultants; financial or business analysts; trade media management personnel; or other individuals who are not actually reporting on the 2016 World Water Ski Show Tournament.

All applications are done online, so you will need electronic versions of your press credentials, photo ID, assignment letter (if applicable). Once your application has been reviewed, you will receive confirmation of its approval or denial.

Press passes will be picked up on-site starting Thursday September 8 12pm-5pm and Friday, September 9 12pm-3pm at the big Stone Shelter on site.

For more information please contact:

Michael Krohn, 2016 WWST Press Coordinator
(715) 741-1397
Press Pass Request/Press Registration
Before applying for press registration, be sure to review the Press Guidelines. Please note, to register, you will need to provide the following: Press credentials Photo ID and business card. If you are a freelancer, please provide a letter of assignment.

All fields are requied.

Click here to email press credentials and photo ID.
Click here to email freelance letter of assignment (if applicable)